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MWM Financial LLC was founded in 2016 by Thomas A. Musumeci after 21 years in the financial services industry.

The mission of MWM Financial LLC is to provide each client and family with the highest level of attention and care to their unique financial needs, and to provide the most suitable solutions possible towards achieving their goals.


IAFG - Our Family of Advisors

Investment Advisors Financial Group, LLC represents an association of some of the finest advisors in the business. Our original Broker/Dealer, Investment Advisors & Consultants, Inc., was founded in 1979 by Thomas E. Musumeci with the goal of providing investment advice to anyone who needed help. In 1981, Joseph C. Parsons joined IAC as a full partner, and together they built a dynamic, full-service Broker/Dealer. Investment Advisors joined Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. in December 2006, and is currently one of its largest RR groups.

We are proud of our Representative family for the professional services they provide, but more importantly, for the good people they are.


Our Wealth Management Company

During the course of the planning process, we often use managed account portfolios to offer long term investments with risk management. We partner with Investment Advisors Asset Management, LLC to provide wealth management services with proprietary portfolios.

Investment Advisors Asset Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm with principal offices located in Easton, Pennsylvania and West Long Branch, New Jersey. Investment Advisors Asset Management, LLC (IAAM) was founded in 2004 and has grown to a firm of more than 35 advisors across the country with over $425 million in assets under management. We have offices throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as locations in Kansas, Alabama, and New York.

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Our Broker/Dealer

MWM Financial LLC is proud to partner with Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. as our Broker/Dealer. They offer premier technologies, compliance, and solutions required to help support our company, all while allowing us to maintain the autonomy of an independent firm. Everything Royal Alliance offers is provided in accordance with what has been their trademark for a half-century: a unique and empowering culture, defined by relationships based on mutual trust, loyalty and integrity.


Our Brokerage Clearing Firm

If you have a brokerage account, you will see National Financial Services (NFS) on your statement. A division of Fidelity Investments, National Financial Services is the largest brokerage platform in the industry, with over $5 trillion in assets under administration. NFS provides clearing and custody services for all of our brokerage accounts, including all of our portfolios in the IAAM platform.