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Our Process


Our Wealth Management Process

If together we decide that your personal financial plan should incorporate one of the managed portfolios at MWM Financial LLC, this is the investment process that our team follows.

Our four-step investment process is an elegant and sophisticated strategy that can incorporate a tactical element when our Investment Strategy Team feels it is necessary. Our goal is to Advance (Participate) when conditions allow and Preserve (Reduce Risk) when necessary.

-Asset Allocation Modeling - The foundation of our portfolios is our underlying asset allocation, including stocks, bonds, and alternative investments.

-Investment Screening - Our proprietary process screens thousands of investment products to help us identify the right investments for our portfolio strategies.

-Technical Analysis - Our portfolios have a tactical overlay which helps us to develop our investment entry and exit strategy.

-Continuous Monitoring and Review - Our Investment Strategy Team monitors our portfolios' progress and performance, and seeks to be proactive in response to economic and market conditions.

We would be happy to review our investment process in greater detail during any in-person meeting.